Steady Steps

by Jordan Fenton

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released October 8, 2011

Words and Music by Jordan Fenton
Produced by Jordan Fenton and Dave Armstrong
All Instruments by Jordan Fenton and Dave armstrong save Quinton Parker on Upright Bass and Wyatt Espalin on Fiddle
Recorded by John Gulyas at Thinking Man Studios
Mixed by Jordan Fenton at High Life Studios



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Jordan Fenton Nashville, Tennessee

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Track Name: Found
I found the face of God, in the eyes of my brother
He was dying from the pain a broken promise laid
I found the truth of God in the words of a preacher
He’d tell me how to live a life he couldn’t lead

My God, why have you forsaken me, left me to find my way home?
Must we fight over these discrepancies only to find I’m alone?
I tried to be all you want me to be, never was one to belong
Can I find a way
To see your face
Or am I just too late?

I found the grace of God in the arms of my mother
She would cry herself to sleep, and always had to leave
I found the fear of God, in the arms of my father
He was angry like a drunk, and would ht me ‘til I’d bleed

And I found the love of God, between the legs of a woman
She gave me all I need, and helped me to believe
That this is but a joke no consequence in me
And if god is a god of grace why does he leave me be?
Track Name: Losing Sleep
Saturday 3am’s been haunting me
And I can’t sleep even with the drugs I keep
Cause I’ve been searching through these empty rooms to find
Anything that’ll bring me peace of mind

Lord let me see
Help me believe
Cause these days I feel like you’re not losing sleep
Over me

You know I’m told to keep my eyes on golden roads
But all I see are thee rocks beneath my feet
You know I’ve followed with the patience of a child
But my faith is waning with every passing mile

Lord let me see
Help me believe
Cause these days I feel like you’re not losing sleep
Over me

It’s not that I don’t love you
It’s just that I’m logical and this ain’t adding up
Just give me a sign and I will change my mind
If you can show me that you care

Take me back to the way things used to be
When everything was buried underneath
A righteous fervor and a steady step ahead
Before we noticed, all the lies that had been said

Lord let me see
Help me believe
Cause these days I feel like you’re not losing sleep
Over me
Track Name: Wanted to Hear (Live)
This came crashing down on us like a house of cards
And all that’s left is this dirty mess
and my finger points right back at me
And maybe I’m not strong enough to hold you up
To play the part of the righteous one
My courage is failing me
But maybe this is all my fault, a stupid joke
An honest thought; an offering
Of love that needs interpreting
But either way I’ve messed this up
I’m the jerk that won’t give up
I’m sorry babe that we had to end this way

I’m wrong, I’m always wrong
Is that what you wanted to hear
That I’m wrong

There’s one thing I have to say: I tried my best but anyways
It’s over now
Feel free to bury me
And I wish that I had broke your heart
Left you here to fall apart
Funny how you bring out the worst in me
I guess that I’m replaceable
Terrified and vulnerable
Don’t forget I’m the one who needed you
I found something we both agree
I became the enemy
Justify, Find a stone to throw at me

Don’t say that this is all my fault
Cause you know half as well as me
You were first to abandon ship
And leave me to face these open seas
And don’t think I’m over you
Cause I can’t get my mind off you
It’s too late to see this through
Too late to be with you
I’m a fool to think that you
Really wanted to change anything