Coal Mines

by Jordan Fenton

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released August 5, 2013

Produced by Jordan Fenton

All songs written by Jordan Fenton save “Best I Know” which was written by Jordan Fenton and Julia Appleton

Recorded by Taylor Bray at 4115 Studios and Jordan Fenton at Hi-Life Studios
Additional engineering by Michael Tracy and Andrew Gentile

Mixed and Mastered by Jordan Fenton at Hi-Life Studios

Photography by Ryan Musick

Design by

Jordan Fenton: Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
Chandler Kellogg: Bass
Daniel Sauls: Drums, Percussion
Abigail Stroupe: Vocals
Buck Reid: Lap Steel
Camille Faulkner: Violin
David Armstrong: Guitars
Dewey Boyd: Piano
Emily McGinty: Vocals
Katie Kelly: Trumpet
Kyle McCormick: Saxaphone
Phillip Wennerstrom: Piano, Banjo
Stewart Doka: Bass (9 &10)



all rights reserved


Jordan Fenton Nashville, Tennessee

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Track Name: Best I Know
There’s a boy who sleeps beneath the stars
Still believes that heaven’s not as far
As the father who will drink himself to sleep
Or the whispers of a life he’ll never see

But the stars don’t shine the way they did when I looked up to you
And the more I figure out some things the less I have a clue

The best I know is a little short of honesty
And still one drink from leaving and going home
And everywhere I go there are neon signs and pick up lines
Still I’m doing things the best way that I know

There’s a guy who sleeps with all the girls
Breaking hearts and promising the world
But no one knows the secret that he keeps
The longing to be the boy he use to be

Still I’m older than my father was when he first said “I do”
And the more I figure out some things the less I have a clue

There’s a man who spends his nights alone
‘Cause this empty bar has always felt like home
And he tells his wife and kid that he can change
But he knows whose blood is running through his veins

But for all my wayward tendencies I’m trying to be true
To the boy who sleeps beneath the stars who doesn’t have a clue
Track Name: Little Games
You’ve got away with words
Calloused and frank and mildly absurd
You’ve got a way with me
And I’m crossing my lips in hopes that I’ll never speak

Cause you get off on the things I don’t say
And you’ll get lost when I give myself away

You’ve got a ways to go
People to meet and places to grow
You’ve got a thing to learn
About orbiting hearts and all of it’s concerns

But I get lost in the things you don’t say
And I get off when you give yourself away

Oh I won’t let you know
And you, you won’t let me go
And I’m tired of playing these little games

I’ve got a heart of gold
Buried beneath the convictions I hold
I thought I’d let you know
That all my mistakes are an elaborate show

‘Cause I get lost in the things I don’t say
But I get off when I give myself away

You should stop lying to me
Or you should stop lying to you
Forgo these words that we speak
And make room for something to do
Don’t you know that it’s true
Track Name: Charlotte
Black and white or black and blue
I’m not sure which my heart will do
So I’ll sit until I think this through
Then I’ll bring it back tied up for you
I’m not as simple as I seem
And sometimes miss the things I should see
But I’m a guy who’s quick to learn
When all his bridges have been burned

Oh, I’m no good
At making myself understood
And I don’t care
That this wine is as red as your hair
‘Cause Charlotte I swear
I’ll forget you

Other boys they seem to know
Just how this game is supposed to go
So how can I compete with that?
I never even stood a chance
‘Cause this is not a game to me
It’s a promise that I intend to keep
But what are words like that to you
When this is still a game to you

Lately I’m not ill prepared
But I’m getting old and I’m getting scared
So I’ll take my chances on hopeless romances
And apologize some other time
I know, baby its not right
But I’m thinking on someone else tonight
Track Name: Hope
I get out most Friday nights
To the bars where I meet pretty girls, and drink booze
And I hold my head in a respectable fashion
With a hat, a coat, and small talk of the news

I put on a show and make fun of the clothes
That people wear when they think they’re not seen
And if I take my advice and I put up a fight
I find love is still a battle I can’t win

So when I finally give in and I call you again
Will you heed the words that linger on my lips?

As I sing goodnight Hope
I’ll see you in a month or so
When things start looking up for me
‘Cause when I needed you most
You left me here to choke
On the foot in my mouth and so I lean
On the things that I’ve been told
The compasses I hold
So dear to a heart prone to leave
But I can be above reproach
Even if only as a joke
Like when I said I could be the man you need
Track Name: Losing Sleep
Saturday 3am’s been haunting me
And I can’t sleep even with the drugs I keep
Cause I’ve been searching through these empty rooms to find
Anything that’ll bring me peace of mind

Lord let me see
Help me to believe
‘Cause these days I feel like you’re not losing sleep
Over me

I know I’m told to keep my eyes on golden roads
But all I see are thee rocks beneath my feet
You know I’ve followed with the patience of a child
But my faith is waning with every passing mile

It’s not that I don’t love you
It’s just that I’m logical and this ain’t adding up
Give me a sign and I will change my mind
If you can show me that you care

Take me back to the way things used to be
When everything was buried underneath
A righteous fervor and a steady step ahead
Before we noticed, all the lies that had been said
Track Name: Wanted to Hear
This came crashing down on us like a house of cards
And all that’s left is this dirty mess
My finger points right back at me
And maybe I’m not strong enough to hold you up
To play the part of the righteous one
My courage is failing me
I guess that this is all my fault, a stupid joke
An honest thought; an offering
Of love that needs interpreting
But either way I’ve messed this up
I’m the jerk that won’t give up
I’m sorry babe that we had to end this way

I’m wrong, I’m always wrong
Is that what you wanted to hear
That I’m wrong

There’s one thing I have to say: I tried my best but anyways
It’s over now
Feel free to bury me
I wish that I had broke your heart
Left you here to fall apart
Funny how you bring out the worst in me
I guess that I’m replaceable
Terrified and vulnerable
Don’t forget I’m the one who needed you
I found something we both agree
I became the enemy
Justify, Find a stone to throw at me

Don’t say that this is all my fault
Cause you know half as well as me
You were first to abandon ship
And leave me to face these open seas
And don’t think I’m over you
Cause I can’t get my mind off you
It’s too late to see this through
Too late to be with you
I’m the fool for thinking you
Really wanted to change anything
Track Name: Emily
I know I’ve been here before
But I never seem to find the open doors
I fall asleep in your living room
Just to dream that I am next to you

Usually I can be, just what you want to see
But lately we seem to disagree

Oh my sweat Emily,
If you would just take a chance on me
I don’t know what I would do
Oh my I’m out of line
Thinking of ways to make you mine
Cause what else am I gonna do?
When it always comes back to you

Don’t mind me if I’m insecure
‘Cuase I never find the words to get the girl
And take a look behind your back
But there’s nothing I am getting at

Oh my god it drives me mad, taking another stand
On things I’ll never understand

Don’t pretend that it’s not like I’m taking you home tonight
But only if we’re feeling right…
Track Name: Found
I found the face of God, in the eyes of my brother
He was dying from the pain a broken promise laid
I found the truth of God in the words of a preacher
He’d tell me how to live a life he couldn’t lead

Oh my God, why have you forsaken me, left me to find my way home?
Must we fight over these discrepancies only to find I’m alone?
I tried to be all you want me to be, never was one to belong
Can I find a way
To see your face
Or am I just too late?

I found the grace of God in the arms of my mother
She’d cry herself to sleep, and always had to leave
I found the fear of God, in the arms of my father
He was angry like a drunk, and would hit me ‘til I’d bleed

And I found the love of God, between the legs of a woman
She gave me all I need, and helped me to believe
That this is but a joke no consequence in me
And if god is a god of grace why does he leave me be?
Track Name: Coal Mines
I know more than I should about
Old stoves and how to keep warm
On a cold night and I’m tired of sleeping alone
‘Cause I look better with girls
And you look better than her
And I find I’m looking for some place to go

But I know how this is gonna end
Some people say that we’re better as friends
When you’re living with a broken heart
And that nobody knows that you’ve given it all that you’ve got

I keep trucking along through a
Coal mine to look for a heart amongst
Black rock, but I can’t find my way in the dark
‘Cause my heart is a precious stone that no
No storm could ever corrode but I
Just want to feel the blood start to flow

Stay, if you wanna stay
I’ll find a way
To never stray
Or go, if you’d rather go
I’ll never show
This love I owe

But I know how this is gonna end
Some people say that we’re better as friends
When you’re living with a broken heart
And that nobody knows that you’ve given it all
And I’m gonna find a way around
All of the things that have kept me in town
And I’ve tried to, baby, come around
But nobody knows when you’ve given it all that you’ve got
Track Name: On My Way
I’ve been writing songs about leaving you
‘Cause what else can I do?
What else would you have me say to you?
I’ve been searching through all these empty rooms
For the ghost I left behind
The person I’ve forsaken most my life

If I had to leave would you follow?
Would you take my hand and lead me by your waters or would I
Turn and wander
Like an undevoured sheep, the righteous man who hasn’t yet believed
If I could offer one final disregard
I’d say I never wanted you at all
And Id be on my way

I’ve been drinking just to fit the mood
I’ve been laughing with my friends
And cursing people I don’t understand
I’ve been thinking less and less of you
And the shit you put me through
I think its time to settle somewhere new